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AC/DC operation sounds silent. Their music on radio waves is less than Aerosmith. ACDC Fuck Corona Shirt The little member appears in the columns of gossip, even less than the children of the Beatles. And the rare group was ever praised by critics. Angus Young, guitarist of the group says “People say our music is teenagers ‘ music but sorry, I think rock n roll is about youth. You sing about what you know. What am I going to write about, not the Rembrandt? ” Angus Young was 53 years old, Mr. Malcolm Chung 55 The age group at Brian Johnson 61!

BEST ACDC Fuck Corona Shirt

The AC/DC tracks are mostly rock types that can entice the stadium to sing in the chorus and charismatic music. ACDC Fuck Corona Shirt Songs like Hell’s Bell, Thunderstruck, TNT are among the most popular songs in sports competitions, which can entice tens of thousands of people singing along. The group had never experimented with a genre other than the rough rock style they had since its establishment, never performing a unplugged album, never even recorded a ballad. AC/DC was founded in 73, from the Young brothers: Angus and Malcolm, which were derived from Glasgow, Scotland, to Sydney, Australia. Established as a teen, it was also the origin of the school uniform that later became the “trademark” of Angus. “Usually I am quietly but when I wear the student clothes, I feel confident. Music seems rampant like I’ve never been a rampage. “

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In 2003, Steve acquired the AC/DC album Rights to Sony (Columbia as a subsidiary of Sony). In 2006, the contract was re-signed and there was additional copyright for the group’s contract album with Warner Music. Under Steve’s lead, Sony re-released older albums with a more beautiful cover, which was to the group to use music in films such as “School of Rock” and the new “Iron Man” (film opening song). Some DVDS and DVDS were also released where the “AC/DC Live at Donnington” sold 800,000 copies, which became Sony’s bestselling DVD. All of the above success led to the launching of an AC/DC own Rock Band Game edition.

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